Red Palm Weevil

Do you have affected palms or want to prevent them? The most effective method to combat Red Palm Weevil is the combination of treatments from the inside (Tree Injection) and outside of the palm (shower) to end beetle and its larvae.

Treatments for prevenction and cure of Red Palm Weevil (phoenix dactilifera, phoenix canariensis...) for communities and individuals.

We combine treatments from the inside (Tree ingection) and outside of the palms (shower) to kill the beetle and its larvae.

When Palm trees are affected by the Red Palm Weevil plague suffer yelllowing and wilting of leaves. Without proper treatment, the larvae feed inside the palm producing his death in a few years. Control of this pest must be comprehensive and regulardy adapted to the beetle cycle.

Since 2012, we specialize in treatments against the Red Palm Weevil and having treated more than two hundred thousand palm trees, with a success rates over 95%. The most effective treatment currently exists is the combination of foliar sprays on heart of palm to kill the insect and Tree Injection to end their larvae.

We also make all kind of work related to palm trees: prunning, brushing trunks and removal of palms. 


 palmera muerta picudo rojo