Garden services & treatments for Red Palm Weevil.

Construction of gardens

Ask our landscape , they advise you to reform your garden.


Garden maintenance

15 years of experience and qualified personnel in all branches of gardening.


Palm healing

Treatments for healing and prevention of palm trees against red palm weevil.


Red Palm Weevil

Do you have affected palms or want to prevent them? The most effective method to combat Red Palm Weevil is the combination of treatments from the inside (Tree Injection) and outside of the palm (shower) to end beetle and its larvae.

Garden construction

 We built all kinds of gardens: Mediterranean, water, classic, natural, tropical, vertical, Arabic, Japanese, modernist or mixed. We design gardens any scale, fully custumized to your taste and budget to achieve unique and easy to maintain green spaces.  Sod installed in a few hours, like artificial turf, automatic irrigation, lakes and ponds paragraph mechanisms and outdoor electric lighting. we have specialized machinery.